Second Innings

Work, which can be called in other names as Career, Job, employment, and so on. Work, which is not just a money-making process, though we all work for the money, we want to make money by really what we love to do. Our Passion for our job will make our career content, happy, and more productive.

The way of working varies from person to person. Not everyone is really doing what they love to do. There are different terms of meanings and definitions for Workaholic. But the real Workaholic is who makes a successful career by working hard for what he or she loves to do. 

And here I am happy and content with what I actually doing. There is a saying called “All water leads into Ocean”. No Matter What Water paths can be varied, diverted but finally, it will reach the ocean. As like, my path too diverted and slipped. But I took this U-turn and started my travel again.

Started Something which I scared to do all these years. This 2020 has been hard for everyone. But this year turned out to be a breakthrough in my life. Yes, I have started my own startup, My Branding Venture “Sunshine Digital”.

I always dreamt of my own branding agency in my early 20’s. Even though as a good designer, my low self-esteem, Procrastination didn’t let me move further. But finally had the courage to start it in my late 20’s.

There is a lot of difference between a freelancer and an entrepreneur. I too had struggled to establish my business. It was not that simple to get a lead and make it convert. Though having quality services and products, I couldn’t attain my reach. I used to take all traditional marketing steps, even the latest methods like Facebook promotion and Instagram promotions. But I didn’t get the result which I needed. 

My lack of knowledge about contemporary marketing techniques couldn’t grow me further in my business. So, When I looked for opportunities to grow up my business, I had a chance to look at this Digital Marketing technique. And Appropriately my google search results end up in “Digital Deepak Internship Program”.

As I have invested my savings in my business, I couldn’t have money to take up the Internship Program. So I subscribed for free classes and Free Webinars Of Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju. Guess what, I started to see the results of just attending the free webinars. It eventually let me join the Internship program. After my third week, I started to see the results both in my career and personal life. Each and every assignment module designed in a specific way, well planned, researched, and practically executed. This is a program for fresher, freelancer, and entrepreneur, which not only help you to grow up professional wise, but this is for your personal growth. That I could see in my very first assignment. 

For live Instance, have a glimpse at this blog, this is my third blog and I am writing it on my original verses. I have never written my own essay in my school times. But now I am more potential and confident to write my own blog. This is what DDIP made me do. This is what DDIP is making thousands of students, professionals, and freshers to do. It literally makes you do what you are not aware of and what you are not so talented. For each and every assignment you do, it pays you back. That’s Why it is different from other programs and courses.

While I Joining this program, I thought of giving a last chance towards my career. If it fails, I’ll be failed both in my career and life. But my try never goes in vain. I started to see my success and I’ll be more successful in the future. As like me, I wanted to help others who are struggling in their career and business. That’s Why I’m writing this article. 

Here is an opportunity for you to get grow in your career, to give another chance in your career. Grab your seat as soon as possible Apply Today.

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